The Mill

About the Mill

The original Mill building is 200 years old. Work to restore the original building and to extend began in 2007, the work was finally completed in 2013. The main concept behind it was the intention to make it eco-friendly whilst retaining many of the original features, this has been fully realised in the final result. The Mill is a very efficient build with minimum impact on the environment. Using a variety of up to date features and some old methods the Mill pretty much runs itself.

Our water is sourced from a spring on the hillside before heading through all the necessary filtration systems. The electric and hot water are powered through several means. We have both solar (for hot water) and Photovoltaic panels (to generate electric). Both the Stanley and log burner in the kitchen run back boilers so there is never a shortage of hot water and as little waste as possible. Throughout the house we have used NG4-10 lighting, these bulbs are consuming just a tenth of the power needed for a regular bulb.

The result of all of this has been an incredibly efficient and eco-friendly house while still allowing for everyday modern comforts that we are all accustomed to.

During our first year in the house we produced more electric than we consumed and as a Bed and Breakfast we are about to apply for our Green Conservation Membership.


Please Note that we are in a black spot for mobile phones and they do not work in the main house.